The Gangs of L.A.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in SWAT gear prepare to serve search warrants in 2011. (Chris Miller/Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department/Handout via Reuters)

A shocking new report suggests that in Los Angeles County, sheriff’s deputies make up some of the most dangerous crime syndicates of all.


os Angeles’s most dangerous criminal gangs have different names — the Banditos, the Executioners, the Wayside Whities — they occupy different turfs, they sport distinctive identifying tattoos, and they carry on intense rivalries with one another. But their members all have one thing in common.

They are all Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.

A new report on deputy gangs from the RAND Corporation is, in spite of its antiseptic language, one of those rare things that simply must be read to be believed. It is a document that should be studied and preserved.

Like the mafias of old and the Folk Nation/People Nation

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