The Latest ‘Stolen Election’ Stunt’s Lesson: Move On from Trump — or Lose

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Then-Attorney General William Barr arrives to testify on Capitol Hill, April 9, 2019. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)

A new spat between Bill Barr and a former U.S. attorney is yet more proof that relitigating 2020 will only drag the GOP down.


n Thursday, I had a column on the homepage about House minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s dithering over whether Republicans will participate in the House select-committee investigation of the January 6 Capitol riot. The problem, at root, is the vexing one we’ve explored a number of times before, most notably in connection with the House GOP caucus’s ouster of Liz Cheney from her leadership post: What to do about Donald Trump’s influence?

Another iteration of the infighting and dysfunction stemming from that influence was this week’s brouhaha caused by the former president’s false claim that Bill McSwain, the former U.S. attorney Trump …


An Olympic Weightlifter Speaks Out on the Participation of Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

There are two sides to every story, and Tracey Lambrechs is here to tell the other.

American Men Suffer a Friendship Recession

American men have fewer friends than in decades past. We should dedicate time to fostering friendships. They provide an immediate and enduring reward.

Lindsey Graham Is an Idiot

Democrats are treating the infrastructure and reconciliation bills as linked, and so should Republicans and everybody else.

The Kids Are Not Alright: Chaos at the College Republican National Committee

College Republican chapters all over the country claim they are being disenfranchised by a president seeking to consolidate power.

The Problems with Laurel Hubbard’s Qualifying for the Olympics as a Woman

The New Zealand weightlifter, who was born and competed as a male, has clear advantages over female competitors.

A Grad Student Tried to Correct a Misleading COVID Narrative. Rebekah Jones Tried to Ruin His Career for It

Jon Taylor had a disagreement with Jones over COVID data, so she falsely accused him of sexual harassment.

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Biden’s ‘Double Death Tax’

The White House is proposing what would amount to a second estate tax. The one we already have is bad enough.

Cameras in Classrooms? Not So Fast

Volunteering at your kids’ schools would be a better way to detect and prevent leftist indoctrination.

The Whitney Museum’s Lessons, Good and Bad

With new curators, next year’s Biennial has nowhere to go but up.

Senior Biden Officials Say COVID Lab-Leak Theory as Plausible as Natural Origin: Report

Midway through a U.S. intelligence community review of the origins of the pandemic, the lab-leak theory has received renewed credibility.

Federal Judge Blocks DACA Program, Orders DHS to Cease Approving Applications

Judge Andrew Hanen said DHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act.

Border Patrol Stopped 188,000 Migrants in June, Breaking Ten-Year Record

Agents encountered 123,838 unique individuals in June, meaning that thousands of migrants made multiple attempts to cross the border.

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