The Media’s Double Standard on Hunter Biden’s Racial Slurs

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Hunter Biden in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live/via YouTube)

Everything from Dr. Seuss to Jesus Christ has at one point been labeled racist. This is more than absurd — it also keeps well-meaning people across the aisle from uniting against things that everyone can agree are racist.

Just this past April, Colorado district judge Natalie Chase resigned after several employees stated that she had used the n-word on numerous occasions and had frequently brought her political beliefs into the courtroom, even when in her robes. In response to her behavior, which included improper use of her judicial authority for a personal matter, the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline censured her. Few attempted to support her, and, because she was also known to say, “All Lives Matter,” much of the media was eager to cover the controversy.


Ever consistent in its inconsistency, the Left is of course treating the Daily Mail story uncovering Hunter Biden’s frequent use, in text messages, of racial slurs with kid gloves. As of the writing of this piece, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and NPR have all avoided coverage of the story. At the risk of stating the obvious, one can only imagine the fallout if a conservative had done this.

But even partisan bias can be tempered by the fear of the public outcry that would inevitably follow any attempt to defend Biden’s text messages. While Big Tech and NPR were more than willing to rush to Hunter Biden’s aid after the New York Post exposed his alleged corruption, they would not dare defend him against equally credible evidence of alleged racism. The best they can do for him is to ignore the story.


The rules for who can and who cannot use slur go something like this. If you are of “x” group, you can use any term you would like to describe said group. The only people who have the power to criticize you for your use of the word are those who are also of that group. Hunter Biden violated this sacrosanct commandment, which the mainstream media cannot defend. Thus, they ignore the scandal. Why Hunter Biden even thought to use these slurs in the manner in which he did is a question I hope to explore in a subsequent post.


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