The No Confidence Administration

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At least we don’t have a president who sends mean tweets.

What’s to worry about? It’s not like our country is being run by nincompoops, communists, and crackpots.

Well, OK.  Our country is being run by nincompoops (a president displaying all the signs of early dementia), communists (if you think they’re merely “socialists,” check what the man who should know said about that), and crackpots (like the Looney Toons “energy healer” deciding whether children can return to school).

We now are experiencing the consequences of the Biden regime mishandling everything it touches and creating new problems by implementing policies derived from a brain trust of nincompoops, communists, and crackpots.

Does anyone have a clue what the Biden administration will do when our ally Taiwan is attacked by the communist Chinese?  Perhaps it will do what it did when our ally Israel was bombarded with hundreds of Palestinian rockets by terrorists financed and armed by Iran — that is to say, nothing.

Maybe it will do the same as it did when Russians hacked the Colonial Pipeline, resulting in immediate gasoline shortages and automobiles queued up in long lines reminiscent of the last “nice guy” to be president, Jimmy Carter.  That is to say, maybe nothing.  Again.  Indeed, even as the gasoline lines stretched out in southern States, the administration denied there was a shortage.

Maybe the Biden administration will do the same as it has done since opening the border, allowing hundreds to thousands of illegal aliens, many of them infected with COVID and known criminals and children without parents.  Nothing again.

Elections have consequences.  Merely six months after voting out a president who was feared by our enemies and upon whom our allies could rely, we now have the quintessential dopey Elmer Fudd presidency. We have a man whose own handlers don’t trust him to talk one-on-one with reporters — even the fawning left-leaning reporters who helped him get elected.

Did I mention that at least we don’t have a president who sends mean tweets?

The new crises, seemingly one every day, are a double-whammy.

First, there is the proven fact that President Fudd…er, Biden, if he responds at all, can be counted on to respond entirely inappropriately, making bad much worse.  Here are just a few examples.

Exhibit 1: Biden’s mishandling of COVID through continual economy-killing, freedom-squashing lockdowns; vaccination coercion; and encouraging Americans not to return to work.

Exhibit 2: signaling to riotous wannabe commies in the street that their national government is indifferent at best to the lawlessness.

Exhibit 3: the economically destructive trillions-of-dollars spending spree of money the government doesn’t have to pay for things the government shouldn’t pay for.  And that sets up…

Exhibit 4: a wave of massive punitive taxes that will further suppress an economy already undermined by…

Exhibit 5: paying people not to work.

Still, inappropriate responses are after-the-fact problems.  The even greater problem is how the Biden administration signals to the world that it is either incapable of addressing or unwilling to address new crises when they arise.  Consequently, enemies like communist China and Russia, BLM and Antifa, Iran and drug cartels, to name just a few, see great opportunities to exploit the vulnerabilities of a clueless, short-sighted Mister Magoo White House.

For the record, the mean-tweeting president didn’t invite such exploitation.  Enemies knew he would respond quickly and effectively.  They wouldn’t dare pull the stunts they’ve pulled on Biden for fear of retaliation.

Does anyone fear retaliation from Joe Biden?  Other than American taxpayers, Republicans and faithful Christians, that is.

This new White House weakness emboldens bad guys.  The Chinese will accelerate their aggression.  They’ve begun building an air base midway between Australia and Hawaii.  The Russians will unleash their hackers.  Expect more cyber-assaults like the Colonial Pipeline case.  Iran will broaden and intensify Middle East terror.  Domestic enemies of our Republic will ratchet up their street violence, their extortion of public and private institutions, and cow growing numbers of the law-abiding.  The full spectrum of anti-American, anti-liberty incursions can be expected.

Worse yet is that we are only in month four of this cartoonish presidential term.  If you think things have spun out of control already, buckle your seat belt.  This joyride to hell is just getting underway.

But even that is not the worst of it.  The worst is that with Mister Magoo or Elmer Fudd or whoever in the White House is in charge, the risks of irreparable damage have increased exponentially.

In the old days, nations could assess how far they could push opponents before getting an aggressive push back.  And the push back generally could be predicted.  No one thought Donald Trump would launch a nuclear attack over China’s slave labor, as onerous as that is.

Does anyone know what lines would prompt a violent response from the Biden White House?  Anyone?  Our enemies?  Our allies?  Congress?  Is there a consensus even within the administration?

Ask yourself, who is in charge?   You know it’s not Joe Magoo-Fudd-Biden.  If China attacks Taiwan, who’s going to decide how the U.S. responds? Will it be decided by committee?  A committee of nincompoops, etc.?

Kelly Trautner, a Biden “expert” for giving the CDC advice, appears to have no formal medical training, but she is a follower of “an ancient energy healing system” that in 1989 “planted World Peace Crystal Grids at the poles to send peace energy all over the World[.]”

Kelly Trautner previously ran an outfit that used “trauma-informed yoga programming” to treat eating disorders.  She’s an energy healer who apparently heals by “clearing cellular memory.”  Now she tells the CDC when children should go back to school.

Multiply that inanity by the number of positions of authority in the Biden administration.  Then remember that nice guy Joe Biden doesn’t decide anything.  He’s told what to say, when to say it, and even to whom he may speak.

When the Biden administration decided to redefine sex as “non-biological,” do you think he came up with that mind-boggling insight on his own?

How confident can anyone be about decisions made by an administration shaped by political patronage without regard to real expertise, but that caters to wannabe commies and the far out?  How confident can Americans be that the so-called socialists in the administration will put America’s interests above those of their fellow travelers in China?  How likely is it that enemies will misjudge the Biden White House by wrongly assuming that rational people are in charge?

It’s already been a tortuous ride.  This is just the beginning.

Mark Landsbaum is a Christian retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer, and columnist.  He also is a husband, father, grandfather, and Dodgers fan.  He can be reached at 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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