“The Shot Heard Round the World Was in Arizona” – Steve Bannon with TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft on The War Room with Raheem Kassam (VIDEO)

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In the second half of the show, the topic was about the Democrats’ response to the Arizona audit. 

Bannon: Let’s go back to Jim Hoft, ah Joe Hoft.  I’m talking about, I’m going to the brains not the looks in the Hoft brothers.  I’m going to brains now in Joe Hoft.  Joe tell us about, tell us about the audit.  I go to the work horse, not the show horse that Jim Hoft is…

Joe Hoft: …Here’s what the Democrats did, or the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  They brought in two firms when they lost their case against the Senate trying to prevent them [the Senate] from doing an audit.  They brought in two firms, said they were certified.  We learned they were not certified at the time of their audit.  But these two firms came in, they each looked at like, three machines and said these machines are working fine, the audit’s fine.  The machines are working fine.

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And that’s just so silly, it’s like in our analogy of doing a bank audit.  It’d be like walking in to a bank and looking at the calculators, couple calculators and saying, ‘by God they’re working right, the cash must be under control here in this branch’.  It’s insane…

Bannon: Here’s the phrase remember, Full – Forensic – Audit.  Now Full Forensic Audit .  The 3 November movement has to go to Georgia, has to go to Pennsylvania.  We’re not going to rest.  And the shot heard around the world is in Arizona, but like we said, it’s going to happen when it’s going to happen.  The heroes are out there and the Senate have done a Constitutional [audit], yes

Joe Hoft: Yeah, I was just going to say, I mean the pushback the Democrats have given in Arizona are amazing.  I’ve had some people push back on me when I’ve done audits, by the way, I was a senior auditor, attending audit committees around the world, and when I decided to come back to the States, but these people have done everything they could to try to stop this.  I’ve never received that type of pushback.  Maybe people pushing, [saying] the timing’s not good, can we move it here?

But the fact that they’re doing that is an absolute indication of guilt.  They must know, they know better than us, how much, what was done in Arizona and that’s why they pushed back so hard.  And because what you said Steve, ‘the freight train’s coming’.  And that when the American people find out how much fraud took place in Arizona, in the election, they’re going to be totally pissed. 

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