“The Super Rich Should Be Taxed Alot – Starting with This Guy” – Steve Bannon Targets $10 Trillion Man Larry Fink (VIDEO)

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Former Chief Strategist for President Trump called for higher taxes on the super-rich on his Saturday show. Steve pointed out the recent article in The Financial Times on the $10 Trillion man Larry Fink.

Steve Bannon: Larry Fink is someone we’re going to make famous on this show because he rather slides behind the scene… I want to tax the super-wealthy a lot. And one of the reasons is they are supporters of the Democrat Party. All these guys on the woke corporations, the Wall Street they’re 100% for leftwing progressive. Most of them are atheistic, materialistic, cultural Marxists… It should be tax cuts only for the working class and middle class. The super-wealthy should be taxed a lot. Starting with this guy (Larry Fink)… I’m going to tell you, this is why we’re going to throw the bums out…  They want you to be financially illiterate. They want you to be economically illiterate… You’re the one paying for the system and you’re being ripped off.”

Steve Bannon is right.
While the middle class lost their businesses and went broke during the pandemic the super-rich made out like kings.
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Via The War Room:

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