“They’re Trying to Get Trump with Something” – Mellissa Carone, 2020 Election Worker Turned Whistleblower and Candidate for 2022 Michigan Representative

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2020 Election hero and whistleblower in Michigan, Mellissa Carone, was on with Redpill78 this past weekend and she showed why she deserves to be a member of the Michigan legislature.

Mellissa Carone was the heroic woman in Michigan who stood up to the Democrat Election Robbers and Dominion Voting Systems after the November 3rd, 2020 Election.  She shared her account of what she saw in the Detroit election arena during and after the election.  She was fearless and straightforward in her responses to questions from the Michigan legislators.

Over the weekend, Ms. Carone spoke with RedPill78 about the election, her efforts to run for the House in Michigan, and other current events.  When discussing the recent unconstitutional Southern District of New York (SDNY) actions to steal Rudy Giuliani’s electronic devices, she shared this (at the 25:53 mark) in the video below:

Well, I was saying yesterday to my dad, what I think they’re doing is, with this audit that is going on in Arizona.  I think that they’re so nervous that this is going to flip the election result with every other state following that they’re trying to get Trump with something.  You know, so they can be like, oh well Trump can’t be President because he just got hit with these charges, you know.

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Ms. Carone has a website labeled, VoteCarone.com and you can support her there in her run for the Michigan legislature.

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