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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg walks in Washington, D.C., January 12, 2016. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

2014–Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is becoming quite a Chatty Cathy. In a wide-ranging interview, Ginsburg somehow sees fit to offer her views on all sorts of matters. She reveals, for example, that she assigned the dissent in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmation Action to Justice Sotomayor in order to accommodate Sotomayor’s desire to “quell” the “doubts” that some folks on the Left were having about Sotomayor’s “views on affirmative action.” And at the very time that pending certiorari briefs in cases challenging state marriage laws are debating what the Court’s ruling in United States v. Windsor signifies for those cases, Ginsburg volunteers her view that the “main theme” in Justice Kennedy’s previous rulings involving gay rights is “equal dignity,” not federalism.


The Biden Illusion Crumbles to Dust

President Joe Biden addressed the nation and confirmed all of the worst suspicions of his critics.

The Biden Blowout Is Just Beginning

These days, a trillion-dollar spending bill is a trifle barely worth arguing over and the stuff of bipartisan consensus.

Joe Manchin Just Blew Up Rationale for Republicans to Cut an Infrastructure Deal

Manchin has made clear that any Republican that votes for the bipartisan charade is greasing the wheels for Democrats to ram through their entire agenda.

When You Understand What Happened to Simone Biles, It Makes Sense

There are things you can play through, and things you shouldn’t.

A Misleading Narrative about the Unvaccinated

You don’t have to look far on social media to find people contending that the remaining unvaccinated are overwhelmingly Republicans.

Newsom’s Recall Problem Is with Hispanic Voters

Two new polls show Hispanic voters, who heavily supported him in 2018, now favoring his ouster.

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Secretary of State Blinken: Terror Threat in Afghanistan Has ‘Vastly Diminished’ since U.S. Invasion

His comments came after President Biden drew criticism for falsely claiming that al Qaeda no longer has a presence in the country.

Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair Slams Biden’s ‘Dangerous’ Abandonment of Afghanistan

‘Russia, China and Iran will see and take advantage,’ he warned in a statement.

A Fiasco in Full

The U.S. military’s manner of leaving Afghanistan, and leaving itself, were both mistakes. We are paying for them already.

What We Can Learn from the Campus Free-Speech War

Friends of liberty are few. But not as few as we might think.

Reflexive Isolationism Is Not a Foreign Policy

By all means, let us reconsider America’s role abroad. But abandoning the world in favor of domestic nation-building is neither realistic nor desirable.

The Best Coffee Cup in Conservatism

Based on a totally and completely very objective study.

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Joe Biden Is Who We Said He Was

Joe Biden Is Who We Said He Was

Nobody should, any longer, pretend that Joe Biden is fit to lead this nation.

Something Is Wrong with the President

Something Is Wrong with the President

Biden’s latest interview, insistence that he was incorrectly briefed, and low profile amid the Afghanistan crisis all raise troubling questions.

Private Firms Are the Key to Space Exploration

Private Firms Are the Key to Space Exploration

To kick-start Mars exploration, use a money prize to incentivize enterprise.

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