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2006The New York Times reports that Michigan federal district judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who issued a wild ruling the previous week declaring that the National Security Agency’s Terrorist Surveillance Program is unconstitutional (see This Day for August 17, 2006), is a trustee and officer of a group that has given at least $125,000 to the Michigan ACLU, the plaintiff in the NSA case.

2019–A Ninth Circuit panel rules (in Edmo v. Corizon, Inc.) that the Eighth Amendment requires that the state of Idaho provide–euphemism alert!–“gender confirmation surgery” to a “male-to-female transgender prisoner” suffering from gender dysphoria.

Months later, when the Ninth Circuit denies en banc rehearing in the case, Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, joined by eight of his colleagues, will object that the panel decision “is as unjustified as it is unprecedented”:

To reach such a conclusion, the court creates a circuit split, substitutes the medical conclusions of federal judges for the clinical judgments of prisoners’ treating physicians, redefines the familiar “deliberate indifference” standard, and, in the end, constitutionally enshrines precise and partisan treatment criteria in what is a new, rapidly changing, and highly controversial area of medical practice.


The Biden Illusion Crumbles to Dust

President Joe Biden addressed the nation and confirmed all of the worst suspicions of his critics.

The Biden Blowout Is Just Beginning

These days, a trillion-dollar spending bill is a trifle barely worth arguing over and the stuff of bipartisan consensus.

Joe Manchin Just Blew Up Rationale for Republicans to Cut an Infrastructure Deal

Manchin has made clear that any Republican that votes for the bipartisan charade is greasing the wheels for Democrats to ram through their entire agenda.

When You Understand What Happened to Simone Biles, It Makes Sense

There are things you can play through, and things you shouldn’t.

A Misleading Narrative about the Unvaccinated

You don’t have to look far on social media to find people contending that the remaining unvaccinated are overwhelmingly Republicans.

Newsom’s Recall Problem Is with Hispanic Voters

Two new polls show Hispanic voters, who heavily supported him in 2018, now favoring his ouster.

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Biden Job Approval Falls to Record Low amid COVID Resurgence

The poll was conducted before Kabul fell, so the rise in inflation and COVID are to blame, the pollster said.

The Problem with Supermax Prisons

Most of these facilities are overly costly, are needlessly degrading, and don’t work like they’re supposed to.

1977 vs. 1981: The Ghosts of Inflation Past

Buckle up: Inflation is at the beginning of a roaring comeback.

Afghanistan Is a Much Bigger Economic Disruption Than Markets Think

The fall of Afghanistan could end the decoupling of financial markets and geopolitical events.

Joe Biden Has So Neutered Himself That He Can’t Even Criticize the Taliban

Joe Biden is afraid of offending the Taliban, the group that controls the fate of his presidency.

We Failed to Value Life in Afghanistan, as at Home

Abortion corrodes and destroys more than the individual lives it intimately touches — and ends. See the U.S. abandonment of Afghanistan.

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