This Explains the Latest Gaslighting… Democrats Panic As HUGE Majority of Americans Disagree with Their “Defund the Police” Insanity

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Democrats and their supporters riot in Washington DC in 2020.

Lies on top of Lies…
Earlier this week White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters it was actually Republicans who oppose defunding the police, not Democrats.
As she said this the majority of the far-left media hacks in the room sat there and said nothing to this shocking and outrageous statement.

Defunding the police was a Democrat promise in 2020.
In state after state and city after city Democrats promised Americans they would defund the police if elected.

Even Joe Biden called for defunding the police!

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The mainstream fake news media does not want you to remember that.

Now we know why Democrats and Psaki are lying so much about the defunding movement.

Democrat cities are becoming hell-holes of violence and murder and Americans don’t approve!

A whopping 66% of American voters LAST YEAR said defunding the police was ridiculous.
And today 66% of American voters still say this is a bad idea.

Rasmussen reported.

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