Totalitarian Democrat Effort to Establish January 6 Commission Fails in the Senate

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Finally, the Republicans. DID something. Democrats, through their terror proxies, burned and looted our cities and destroyed local police enforcement. But they want to prosecute us for protesting against the biggest stolen election in American history.

Democrat Effort to Establish January 6 Commission Fails in the Senate

By Hannity Staff, May 27, 2021:

The Democratic Party’s effort to create a formal commission to investigate the January 6th riots at the US Capitol failed in the Senate Friday, failing to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to advance the probe.

“The 54 to 35 outcome, which fell six votes shy of the 60 needed to circumvent a procedural filibuster, followed hours of overnight chaos as lawmakers haggled over unrelated legislation. The vote stood as a blunt rejection by Republicans of an emotional last-minute appeal from the family of a Capitol Police officer who died after responding to the insurrection, and an eleventh-hour bid by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to save the measure by introducing changes intended to address her party’s principal objections,” writes the Washington Post.

Breaking: Jan. 6 commission fails to advance in the Senate, 54-35. Needed 60 votes to break a GOP filibuster.

Republicans who voted yes:

11 senators were absent for the vote, including a few of the Republicans who voted to impeach.

— Andrew Desiderio (@AndrewDesiderio) May 28, 2021


Senate Republicans block legislation seeking independent investigation of Jan. 6 Capitol riot

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) May 28, 2021

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