UK, French and German Special Forces Rescuing Their Citizens Outside Kabul Airport While US Under Strict Orders to Rely on Taliban for Safe Passage (VIDEO)

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The UK, France and Germany are now sending special forces to rescue their citizens trapped outside of Kabul airport.

The British Government is sending Para Troops in vehicles through the center of Kabul to rescue their citizens.

The UK sent paratroopers to Kabul to help rescue the 4,000 stranded Brits and Afghans in the city. They were told to “prepare for face-to-face combat.”

French forces have made multiple trips back and forth from their embassy over the last few days to extract over 200 French citizens out of the region.

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Two German special forces helicopters have also arrived in Kabul to rescue citizens.

Joe Biden however is allowing tens of thousands of Americans to be at the mercy of a very dangerous terrorist faction.

“US forces are under strict orders not to leave the airport. Instead, they rely on the Taliban for safe passage.”

The Taliban is setting up checkpoints everywhere, blocking access to Kabul airport.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters this week, “We don’t have the capability go out and collect up large numbers of people.”


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