Vernon Jones Has Strong Words For Biden and Dems: “Joe Crow Doesn’t Even Know Where His Corn Field Is” (AUDIO)

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Former Democrat Georgia lawmaker Vernon Jones had some strong words for Joe Biden and the Democrat party: “JOE CROW doesn’t even know where his corn field is.”

“The Democratic Party is the party of bigotry. The Democratic Party has destroyed black communities. The Democratic Party has gone to 2.0 Jim Crow,” Vernon Jones said during an interview with Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320 AM.

Last year Vernon Jones changed his party affiliation and came out in support of President Trump.

Jones is fed up with the Democrat party’s support of Socialism, violent rioting and their belief that they own the black vote.

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Recall Vernon Jones brought the house down over the summer during his RNC speech and exposed the Democrats for the frauds they are.

Vernon Jones recently announced he is running for governor of Georgia against Brian Kemp.

Listen to Vernon Jones’ interview with Rose Unplugged:

Check out Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320 AM – The Talk of Pittsburgh 1320 AM

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