VIDEO: Mother of Ashli Babbitt Receives STANDING OVATION at Trump’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” in Arizona

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President Donald J. Trump speaks at a ‘Rally To Protect Our Elections’ sponsored by Turning Point USA.

Trump is scheduled to speak at 6 PM Eastern time.

Prior to President Trump’s speech, the speaker announced that Ashli Babbitt’s mother was in attendance today.

The audience gave her a STANDING OVATION!

TRENDING: LIVE STREAM VIDEO: President Trump Speaks at TPUSA’s “Rally to Protect Our Elections” in Phoenix, AZ – 6 PM ET …More: 22,000 Watching at 4 PM

Via Jack Posobiec.

The Biden administration is protecting Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd who shot Ashli Babbitt dead on Jan. 6.

Identity of Ashli Babbitt Killer Confirmed — Careless Capitol Police Lieutenant Is Being Protected by Democrats, Pelosi and Deep State FBI

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