“Warmongering Fool” – Trump Responds to Liz Cheney After She Sides with Pelosi

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Trump declared all out war on delusional RINO Liz Cheney after she sided with demon Pelosi.

As reported earlier, Liz Cheney sided with Pelosi and attacked Trump’s historical support in 2020.

Earlier this week at the GOP House members retreat in Orlando, Liz Cheney stabbed GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy in the back and sided with Nancy Pelosi on a January 6 Commission, downplayed BLM and Antifa rioters, trashed Trump and his voters and then said Republicans lost voters in 2020 — when President Trump crushed the all-time record for most Republican votes ever!

Liz Cheney is delusional and didn’t rule out a 2024 presidential bid.

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No one likes this woman!

Liz Cheney isn’t even supported in her home state of Wyoming.

President Trump released a statement on Liz Cheney Tuesday afternoon and ripped her as a “warmongering fool.”

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