WATCH: DISGUSTING. Taliban Extremists Examine Their Haul After American Forces DITCH Equipment AND Americans In Kabul

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Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan was an embarrassment on the world stage that equipped Islamic terrorists for mass destruction.

Nile Gardiner on Joe Biden’s Disastrous Afghan Withdrawal: “We Are Seeing the Humiliation of a Super Power – a Monumental Disaster” (VIDEO)

Last night, The White House announced the end of the 20-year long war in Afghanistan, and Taliban radicals celebrated by testing out their new guns and ammo, provided by Joe Biden. The idiots accidentally killed one another.

Two Taliban Extremists Shot Dead During Celebrations of US Departure from Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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Los Angeles Times correspondent Nabih Bulos is on the ground, celebrating the victory with Taliban extremists. He tweeted these photos and videos last night, showing some of the stockpiles that were left behind.

We’re here right now with the Taliban as they enter into the, what was only minutes ago, an American controlled portion of military airport. Now they’ve taken over.

What a joke.

Disgusting. These cavemen are playing dress-up and experimenting with our very expensive, high-tech equipment. This is an embarrassment.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Taliban now harbors $85 billion worth of U.S. military equipment and more Blackhawk Helicopters than 85% of the world.

The Biden Regime admitted that hundreds (if not thousands) of Americans were left stranded in Afghanistan.

Biden Pentagon Spox John Kirby: “We Have Americans That Get Stranded in Countries All the Time” (VIDEO)

As Sharia Law is enacted, the Americans will be executed. Christians and Jews will be exterminated. Women will be brutalized. 

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