“We Are Leading the Charge Here in Arizona to Say Decertification Should Happen” – State Sen. Wendy Rogers on The War Room (Video)

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Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Thursday morning to discuss the latest developments in the historic audit of the 2020 ballots.

Senator Rogers says decertification should happen in the state of Arizona based on what was already discovered.

Sen. Wendy Rogers: We have doubt now and we have confirmation that the data points we did turn in were not accurate. I would love it if it spread to Pima and Pinal and one of my own four counties, Coconino… These are the type of things that for Bret Baier to say there is nothing here is not credible…

Steve Bannon: …Maricopa County has basically said now we’ve given you everything we’ve got, or we’ve given you everything we’re going to give you and you’re just going to have to embrace the suck. So what say you, Senator Rogers? What are you guys prepared to do next?

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Sen. Wendy Rogers: Well, we have to absolutely follow through. And we’re not just accepting that as an answer… Maricopa still needs to hand over 40% of the machines and the routers. The company still has the passwords. We are doing everything we can to coalesce support among ourselves… We are not accepting their answer… I think every county that has had these machines and every state should be audited because they’re absolutely suspect.

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