“We Don’t Have to Live with a Fraudulent Election” – Legal Scholar John Eastman Says State Legislature Has Authority to Replace Electors due to Fraudulent Results

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Attorney and legal scholar John Eastman joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning.

Steve and John Eastman discussed Arizona Senate President Karen Fann’s OAN interview over the weekend. Fann suggested that the Arizona Senate does not have the authority to replace the electors in the state of Arizona.

Eastmen told Steve Bannon: “We can point to Section 2 of Title 3 of the United States Code that says when a state has had an election and has failed to make a choice on the day that was prescribed by law, meaning the choice that was made, the assumption is it was fraudulently given because of the illegal votes, the electors can be made on a subsequent date in such manner as the legislature in some state may direct.”

But there is a lot of work to be done before this could ever happen.

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Via The War Room:

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