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President Jimmy Carter at the White House, March 1977 (Library of Congress)

Plus ça change . . .


he ’70s are back!” declares French fashion magazine l’Officiel. No kidding: Prices are up, crime is up, Iranian kidnapping plots targeting Americans are up. . . . Surely the groovy sounds of disco and a heady whiff of Hai Karate cannot be far behind.

My first political memory is feeling pity for President Jimmy Carter, who was obviously overmatched by the job and seemed to be universally loathed for his inability to do much of anything. That was the worst of the 1970s: gasoline rationing, high unemployment, inflation running so hot that the price of meat was remarked upon in both


The Shakespearean Father-Son Tragedy of the Biden Family

The tragedy of Joe Biden, in the years when he ought to be enjoying his retirement.

An Olympic Weightlifter Speaks Out on the Participation of Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

There are two sides to every story, and Tracey Lambrechs is here to tell the other.

American Men Suffer a Friendship Recession

American men have fewer friends than in decades past. We should dedicate time to fostering friendships. They provide an immediate and enduring reward.

Lindsey Graham Is an Idiot

Democrats are treating the infrastructure and reconciliation bills as linked, and so should Republicans and everybody else.

The Kids Are Not Alright: Chaos at the College Republican National Committee

College Republican chapters all over the country claim they are being disenfranchised by a president seeking to consolidate power.

The Problems with Laurel Hubbard’s Qualifying for the Olympics as a Woman

The New Zealand weightlifter, who was born and competed as a male, has clear advantages over female competitors.

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What Students Should Be Learning

It’s important to know how not to teach students. But if they don’t know basic facts, they’ll have no capacity for thinking.

Is Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Statue Next?

Alongside the pain that a monument may cause some citizens is the pain that its removal would cause others.

Is COVID China’s Chernobyl?

As we experience the pandemic’s toll on the world, we can speculate about its implications for the Chinese regime.

College Republicans Poised for Splinter after ‘Stolen’ Election

Courtney Britt will take over in a few days, but her organization may be significantly smaller by then.

The Sinister Plot That Wasn’t: About That Hunter Biden Report

It would have been misconduct for the Justice Department to politicize the 2020 investigation.

Biden Administration to Appeal DACA Ruling

The Biden administration will appeal an injunction ordered by a federal judge pertaining to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, first established under Barack Obama.

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Biden’s ‘Double Death Tax’

Biden’s ‘Double Death Tax’

The White House is proposing what would amount to a second estate tax. The one we already have is bad enough.

The Latest ‘Stolen Election’ Stunt’s Lesson: Move On from Trump — or Lose

The Latest ‘Stolen Election’ Stunt’s Lesson: Move On from Trump — or Lose

A new spat between Bill Barr and a former U.S. attorney is yet more proof that relitigating 2020 will only drag the GOP down.

Why We Might Lose a War with China

Why We Might Lose a War with China

In a contest for Taiwan, the mainland would be a formidable foe.

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