White House Official Boasts of Biden’s ‘Leadership’ Despite Leaving Americans Behind in Afghanistan

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National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has the unenviable task of defending the indefensible. But according to the low standards of the Biden administration, his shameless propaganda passed with flying colors.

Sullivan appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday for an interview with George Stephanopoulos and touted Biden’s “leadership,” despite dozens of Americans reported to be left behind in the wartorn nation.

“That has not satisfied all the President’s critics. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, quote, ‘Joe Biden left behind Americans. He left behind vetted Afghan allies who risked their lives for our soldiers. A disgraceful lack of leadership from an incompetent president,’” Stephanopoulos. said. “Your response?”

“My response is that leadership means taking a look at this situation and asking the hard question: What is going to be in the best interests of the United States of America, those American citizens still in Afghanistan and those Afghan allies?” Sullivan responded.

It is virtually impossible to countenance how leaving behind billions in military equipment to a Taliban terrorist regime and stranding dozens, if not hundreds, of Americans in the godforsaken hellhole advances America’s interest.


Sullivan also delivered the virtually unbelievable news that the Biden administration is considering giving Afghanistan more aid (beyond the attack helicopters, transport planes, and assault rifles), despite such aid nearly always being abused to prop up dictatorial regimes.

“Well, first of all, we do believe that there is an important mention of humanitarian assistance, that should go directly to the people of Afghanistan,” Sullivan said. “They need help with respect to health and food aid and other forms of subsistence, and we do intend to continue that.”

“Secondly, when it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions,” he went on. “It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments, their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan to be a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other country, their commitments with respect to upholding the entrance international obligations.”

“It’s going to be up to them,” he added. “And we will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding in terms of the economic and development assistance.”

There you have it. The Biden administration is seeking to bribe the Taliban not to harm Americans. It appears at this point, the weak and feckless American president has left himself little choice.

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