Why is Dr. Fauci Recommending Policies that Kill Innocents in India? He Must Know the Death Sentence He is Promoting? But Why Is He Doing It?

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Mad Dr. Fauci must know that his COVID-19 recommendations for India are insane? 

He recommends lockdowns but pretends he doesn’t know people are starving to death as a result?  Why is he targeting India and recommending actions that will starve people to death?

Yesterday we reported that Dr. Fauci recommends India go to lockdowns.  He must know that lockdowns will end up starving millions to death?

Fauci Goes Global, Recommends Lockdown For India as Covid-19 Cases Surge

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We wrote last year when we reported on the actions India was taking in response to the China coronavirus, “Social distancing is not possible for the poor.”

Social Distancing Is a Privilege – The Poor Will Suffer: 120 Million Migrant Workers in India Are Starving and Broke – Walk Hundreds of Miles to Get to Their Homes

The impoverished in poor countries cannot afford to social distance or work from home. 

They are fighting for food every day to survive. 

This is not a surprise to the maniac Dr. Fauci.  He certainly knows this.  So why is he encouraging activities that kill massive numbers of innocent people?

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