With $5 Million US Bounty on His Head Khalil Haqqani Holds Meetings with Top Taliban Officials in Afghanistan, Walks the Streets Freely Speaking to Locals in Latest Affront to Biden Regime

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The US State Department currently has a $5 million reward for information that brings terrorist leader Khalil Haqqani to justice.
The State Department declared Haqqani a terrorist back in 2011.

But now with the fall of the US coalition and collapse of the propped-up government Khalil Haqqani is out in the open meeting with officials across Afghanistan and was even seen out talking to locals in the street.

This is the latest US humiliation thanks to the Biden regime.

Khalil Haqqani met with Taliban leaders in Kabul this week.

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Khalil Haqqani met with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who is the founder and current leader of the Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin political party

Khalil Haqqani is even traveling the country giving talks to local leaders.
Here he is at a meeting in Kabul.

Khalil Haqqani met with former Presdent Ghani’s brother who pledged loyalty to the Taliban.

And Khalil Haqqani was even seen walking the streets speaking with locals.

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