Witness Says Taliban Hung Alleged Kidnapper From Crane in Herat City, Afghanistan

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A witness said on Saturday that the Taliban hung a dead body from a crane in the main square of Herat city in Afghanistan for public display.

The Associated Press reported that four bodies were brought to Herat city’s main square and three of the bodies were transferred to other parts of the city for a display to deter potential ‘criminals’.

CNN reported:

The Taliban in Afghanistan have put on public display the bodies of four men who were killed after they allegedly carried out a kidnapping in the western city of Herat.

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A journalist in the city told CNN that a group of four men kidnapped a merchant with his son in Herat province a few days ago.
The Taliban freed the merchant and his son and killed the kidnappers. The bodies of the kidnappers were then hanged in four different locations of Herat city on Saturday, the journalist and one other source said.
The Deputy Governor of Herat, Shir Ahmed Ummar Muhajir, also told a local journalist: “Four people were killed and one armed member of the Islamic Emirate was wounded in a clash in the 14th district of Herat.”

This is a signal that the Taliban will adopt their old fashion of killing people. History repeats itself as they say.

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