Young Woman Denied Entry Into BYU Hawaii Because She Won’t Take COVID Vaccine (Risk of Taking with Her Medical Condition Can Be Fatal)

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A young woman with a medical condition that puts her at very high risk if she were to take the COVID-19 vaccine is not accepted into BYU Hawaii because she won’t take the vaccine.

This moving story from a young woman who really wanted to go to school at BYU Hawaii shows the idiocy of those pushing the vaccine.  But more so, it shows the idiocy of educated medical professionals who push medicine aside and follow directions from insane medical leaders like Dr. Fauci.

@liv.sandorMy story on the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate at BYU Hawaii. Please share this with others. This is not okay. #foryou #covid19 #guillainbarresurvivor #vax♬ original sound – liv.sandor

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Maybe it’s good this young woman finds out now that the University of her dreams is not what she thought.  This blessing will lead her to bigger and better things.

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