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Underground Truth Network – About Us

I am focused on creating a portal for people to find reliable, accurate information. I will spotlight podcasters and all platforms that are in the fight for truth and exposing the corruption of the globalists. Our uTN Aggregator will pull mainstream & underground news articles & videos from across the web and compile it under one domain. Think of it as a ‘Ad Free’ pool of information you can easily navigate through to save time from independently going to variety of seperate networks. Instead, they come to you. We are currently in development so the types of articles it pulls right now vary drastically but as we fine tune everything we aim to narrow it in on the most accurate & truthful news we can aggregate. It is also a great tool for news streamers who do live shows so you don’t get bogged down with Advertisements.

I also have a whole list of other items I will be looking to integrate over time. Goals of adding a database to house important information like declass. documents, etc. for example. I also want to build a Video Archive of imporant documentaries and educational videos that I feel everyone should watch at least one time.

NOTE: uTN Aggregator update cycle is currently one hour.