A Racist Attack on a Police Officer Lead to a Harassment Claim, Then the Body-Cam Footage Got Released

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Being a police officer is never an easy job, and that’s especially true when you consider the kind of daily abuse they take.

A prime example of that happened in Los Angeles recently, and it also shows just how important body cams are. An African-American woman launched into a racist attack against a LA Sheriff’s deputy. Afterward, she filed a complaint claiming she had been harassed.

Then the body-cam footage got released.

And, this woman has “a history of making false claims.”

As the video shows, the woman was completely on the wrong, attacking the Hispanic officer in a vicious manner.

Later it was also revealed this woman is a professor in the area, having worked at several different schools. She also has a history of filing false complaints. Her name is currently being withheld, but it’s just a matter of time before it comes out. The way she throws around the word “murderer” and implies that the deputy is attempting to hurt her and her son is reminiscent of the white woman in Central Park last year who called police in hysterics, claiming that a black man was attempting to attack her.

Thankfully, this officer had invested in his own body cam as LASD doesn’t provide them universally yet. This situation could have gone completely sideways without the proof the woman was in the wrong.

Would you want to be an officer in this environment? I know I wouldn’t want to be. This should remind everyone that while police aren’t perfect, they do a tough job and deserve our thanks.

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