Australian Nightmare: Police Launch COVID Manhunt For Citizen Who Coughed In Elevator, Dub Him ‘Public Health Enemy No. 1’

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In the latest controversial COVID-related development coming out of Australia, the nation’s police forces have launched a massive manhunt for a man whom they have dubbed “Public Health Enemy No. 1” for coughing in an elevator and reportedly testing positive for COVID. Australia’s bizarre lockdown policies, which have been described as treating citizens like terrorists for not following protocols, have been widely criticized.

Anthony Karam, 27, was ordered into a two-week quarantine by health officials in Sydney after testing positive for COVID, but did not respond to phone calls from doctors, who then contacted the police. Footage of Karam coughing in an elevator was circulated as proof that he was a COVID protocol-defying terrorist, and he was promptly dubbed “Public Health Enemy No. 1” by law enforcement.

The Daily Mail reports that “The situation is considered so serious, police have used Section 62 of the Public Health Act for the first time to name and identify Karam to help in the search.” Karam remains on the run as a fugitive, having dared to not submit to mandatory quarantine or turn himself in to police to be arrested for breaking protocol.

Karam was featured in a segment by 9News that highlighted and appeared to celebrate various instances of police harassing and arresting citizens over COVID, in one instance arresting eight teenage boys – one of whom can be seen bleeding from his left leg – and then bringing their mothers out to the scene late at night to inform them of being charged with a thousand-dollar fine.

In another instance, police swarm a construction site, demanding workers show them QR codes that show they have complied with quarantine and vaccination protocols. A worker who was unable to produce proof of compliance was sent home without pay.

In one New South Wales town, rescue dogs were reportedly slaughtered by authorities in accordance with COVID regulations.

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