Ben Domenech: Low Standards For Minority Students Are Racist And Degrade Education

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Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech complained the Virginia Department of Education’s consideration of a plan to eliminate accelerated math classes in the name of equity is racist and will only degrade American education.

“When you look at this trend towards the idea that getting the right answer, or expecting the right answer from minority students is in some way an indication of white supremacy, as if two plus two equals four is some kind of racist statement, is absolutely absurd,” Domenech said. “It will ultimately lead to the degradation of American education if we allow this idea to take hold.”

The Virginia Education Department is currently deciding whether to do away with advanced-level courses and “consolidating the standard and advanced studies diploma,” in line with recommendations from those who demand racial equity among student achievement with lower standards.

“We want more minority Americans to be able to access STEM learning, to be able to go and work for NASA,” Domenech said. “I want to see more of that, and somehow now that’s a racist demand?”

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