Boeing shares fascinating video of T-7A aircrew ejection seat test

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Aerospace giant Boeing has released fascinating footage showing a test of ejection seat system for the U.S. Air Force’s newest T-7A Red Hawk trainer aircraft. 

“Watch as the Boeing-SAAB T-7A Red Hawk successfully tests its Collins Aerospace ACES 5 aircrew ejection seat from 0-500 mph with a simulated aircrew. This test proves safer advanced pilot training for the U.S. Air Force,” the American plane-maker said in a Twitter post Monday.

The ACES 5 is the latest addition to the Collins Aerospace family of Advanced Concept Ejection Seats.


The new ACES 5 seat includes improved head, neck, arm, and leg “flail prevention,” along with a catapult that can adjust based on the occupant’s weight.

Collins Aerospace says the vehicle ACES 5 incorporates advanced safety upgrades compared to the legacy ACES II, which is credited with saving more than 650 lives since being introduced in 1978.

ACES 5 selected for the U.S. Air Force’s newest T-7A Red Hawk trainer aircraft and also be installed on the F-16, F-22, B-1, and A-10 fleets.

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