BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Riots, Attacks Officers, Jumps On Police Cars After Officer Involved Shooting In Minneapolis

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In scenes reminiscent of the summer of 2020, Black Lives Matter mobs are attacking police officers and jumping on police cars in Minneapolis, Minnesota after an officer involved shooting earlier today.

One video shows at least four men jump on two abandoned police cars, lights still flashing, as the crowd records on their cell phones and shouts encouragement. The scene appears to be a residential neighborhood where hundreds of rioters have taken control of the area.

In another video, one of the rioters appears to throw a cement block at a police officer, only to be almost immediately incapacitated by crowd control projectiles employed by the Minneapolis police.

After the rioter was struck, they attempted to break through their line in an attempt to render service to the man, only to be cut off by a white man wearing what appeared to be pink feminine underwear over his face. Police were ultimately unable to render aid, and the man was carried away by rioters.

On the shooting that apparently provoked the riot, local media reported:

Police are on scene of a shooting involving law enforcement Sunday in Brooklyn Center. According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, agents and crime scene personnel are on scene to investigate.

There’s a large police presence in the area of Kathrene Drive and 63rd Avenue North. It’s unclear what led up to the shooting or if there are any injuries.

No further details have been released by the media or law enforcement.

Minneapolis is the city where alleged fraudster and frequent drug user George Floyd died while in police custody, apparently of a fentanyl overdose exacerbated by his arrest. Following the release of video of Floyd’s death, the nation and many foreign countries became embroiled in violent Black Lives Matter riots that cost millions in property damage and dozens or hundreds of lives.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated as more information becomes available.


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