BREAKING: Gunfire Erupts in George Floyd Autonomous Zone on Anniversary of His Death

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Gunfire broke out in the George Floyd Autonomous Zone on Tuesday morning on the anniversary of Floyd’s death, with one person taken to hospital as a result.

The sounds of gunfire were captured by multiple reporters who were in the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, reporting on the atmosphere in Minneapolis on the first anniversary of Floyd’s death, including a live broadcast from Alex Presha of ABC News, and Philip Crowther from the Associated Press. Around 30 shots can be heard ringing out, forcing everyone to shelter in place away from the danger. Crowther added that a “fellow reporter” had her phone smashed because she dared to take pictures of a storefront that was hit by a bullet.

In an email to The Hill, the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed that the gunfire in the Floyd Autonomous Zone was a drive-by incident, and that the suspect fled the scene in his vehicle. “On Tuesday morning at 10:09 AM, the Minneapolis police department responded to the 3800 block of Elliott Avenue south on a report of the sound of shots fired,” the statement read, adding that one person had been taken to hospital:

Information received from callers was that a suspect vehicle was last seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed. A short period of time later, an individual showed up at Abbott Northwestern Hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim has been transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. It is believed that the injury is non-life-threatening. This is an evolving incident. No further information is available at this time.

National File has reported on the high crime rates within the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, due to the fact that police are completely unwilling to enter the seven to eight block radius surrounding the site of Floyd’s death and respond to incidents, lest they face reprisals from antifa or Black Lives Matter radicals:

One particularly disturbing incident took place at the end of [April], where a female victim was pushed out of a window in a domestic dispute on the corner of 38th and Elliot. Police dispatch audio revealed the attitude taken by police regarding breaching the George Floyd Autonomous Zone. “Is it possible to have her move at least a block away, maybe [to] 38 and 10th?” asked the police officer responding to her 911 call. “She is bleeding and cut everywhere, but we’ll call her back and ask her to move a block away,” the dispatcher responded, with the woman ordered to move, despite her severe injuries.

Some citizens of Minneapolis are starting to get increasingly fed up with the zone, which unlike the CHAZ/CHOP zone in Seattle last year, has lasted months, not weeks. Video footage emerged last week showing an axe-wielding man tearing down the border wall of the zone. In the video, the man inflicts significant damage on the Autonomous Zone’s defenses, destroying barriers and “Black Lives Matter” signage with his bare hands before eventually attacking the garishly spray-painted outbuilding with a fire axe.

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