BREAKING: Trump Reads Arizona Audit Findings At Georgia Rally

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45th President Donald Trump discussed the findings presented during the Arizona Audit hearing yesterday, now made available on the Senate’s website, and noted that the irregular numbers raised by the audit report far exceed the margin of votes he would need to be declared the true winner in the state.

“This is from the forensic by very respected people, and it was a very, very conservatively done report, it’s much worse than this.”

President Trump began to read key figures from the Arizona Audit, which is now available publicly after a marathon hearing yesterday that resulted in explosive bombshells. The number of issues raised by the Arizona Audit exceeds the total number of votes President Trump would need to win Arizona.

The 45th President also noted that the audit had to be turned in while incomplete due to a successful legal campaign waged by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to keep control of routers used during the 2020 presidential election, at various points in defiance of a subpoena acknowledged as legal by the state’s attorney general.

“All of this was found without being given access to the routers, which county officials ruthlessly withheld. They didn’t want to give those routers under any circumstances, they had to be fought all the way.” President Trump explained, “They fought the Senate, they fought the Senate of Arizona, and the governor, Ducey, was horrible, he was missing in action, he was actually against it.”

“Nonetheless, the auditors discovered that millions of election related files were deleted during and after the election, in violation of federal law, including a purge of the “election management system'” software “the day before the audit began,” said President Trump.

President Trump claimed that “recording” lights on cameras in the media risers began to go off as he finished his discussion regarding the Maricopa County forensic audit. “Look at those lights going out, oh my God. The lights, I’m telling you, the television lights are going out, this is the most interesting part of my speech!”

During the Arizona Audit hearing, President Trump joined the call to decertify the state’s 2020 election results, something supported strongly by Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers and a growing number of election integrity supporters. The day of the hearing, Rogers surpassed 1 million signatures on a petition to decertify the election.

Also during the hearing, it was revealed that Senate President Karen Fann referred the audit findings to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, now also a candidate for U.S. Senate. Brnovich has pledged to examine the findings. Brnovich was once referred to as a “lackluster” ally by President Trump. Fann, meanwhile, opened and closed the hearing with reminders that she would not seek to decertify the election, something Gov. Doug Ducey has already ruled out, and falls within the Constitutional realm of the Arizona legislature.

Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward has backed decertifying the election, and has called on Brnovich to act on the findings.

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