BREAKING: YouTube Kills Conservative Commentator’s Live Stream For Discussing History of Afghanistan

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YouTube terminated a live stream hosted by Felix Rex, better known as Black Pigeon Speaks, which focused on the history of Afghanistan leading up to current events. According to Rex, the take down happened mid-stream, as he and his guest were discussing the history of Afghanistan that led to the United States’ 2001 invasion of the country.

“Youtube just took down the first stream I have ever made mid-stream talking about the history of Afghanistan as well as the lead up the the American led invasion,” wrote Rex. “Not only are my subs removed and my channel shadow banned, but unless you are controlled opposition you can’t comment.”

Michael De La Broc, who was featured on the stream alongside Rex, first broke the news on Twitter. “No reason given, we literally didn’t touch any verboten topics, literally just current events,” he wrote. In a separate tweet addressed to YouTube, he added, “Hi, @TeamYouTube you just suspended @navyhato midstream, we were talking about events in Afghanistan, no swearing, no terms of service broke, no forbidden topics addressed. No reason given, 2,000 people watching, what’s the deal?”

Speaking to National File, De La Broc said, “We tried to clarify with YouTube” but “had no response.” He added, “We didn’t even have the Taliban on stream.” Rex continued to elaborate that he “didn’t swear,” and had “2000 viewers and growing fast” having “only covered Afghan history up to 9/11 at the point they yeeted the stream.” He also clarified that the stream was not receiving financial compensation, known as superchats, from viewers, “as the channel was already demonetized.”

Rex told National File that “Nothing surprises me anymore on big tech sites. The level of control over the public discourse is all but complete These curators of the public square, masking as platforms, have now anointed themselves as arbiters of reality, and no dissent will be tolerated. Sad state of affairs given the magnitude of problems our civilization is facing down.”

In another tweet, Rex pressed YouTube for clarification of its policies for discussing the crisis in Afghanistan. “Given the arbitrary nature of censorship enforcement, I have to ask: Are people allowed to interview members of the Taliban? This is a serious question as I would like to but am unsure of the censorship as it is random and not equally meted out.” (READ MORE: Twitter ‘Frog’ Account Successfully Negotiates With Taliban To Secure Safety Of Spanish Diplomats After Government Fails)

Afghanistan has continued to disintegrate following Joe Biden’s bungled withdrawal of American troops from the war torn country, leaving billions of dollars in American equipment behind to be captured and used by the Taliban. President Donald Trump has repeatedly decried Biden’s costly withdrawal, which he said has run contrary to his withdrawal plan, which would have seen civilians evacuated, equipment removed or destroyed, and finally the troops withdrawn. Instead, Biden left American citizens and equipment behind as the military quickly withdrew over the past week.

National File was recently banned from YouTube one day before the release of our first documentary, Destination Dover: Migrants In The Channel, which offered a stunning look into the migrant crisis currently faced by the United Kingdom, and how it is being facilitated by the British government.

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