Cringe Coronavirus-Themed Music And Comedy Genre Makes Society More Insufferable

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The globalist response to Coronavirus has sparked an entire genre of bootlicking, pro-establishment normie music that encourages people to get vaccinated. This music genre just further illustrates that Coronavirus-themed popular culture is the most “Cringe” (i.e. lame or unfashionable) entertainment ever created.

Normie liberals who are traumatized by Coronavirus are increasingly losing their emotional stability, as evidenced by the recent Huffpost headline, “I sexted with a bot to quell pandemic loneliness.” Here are some of the Cringiest examples of Coronavirus culture:

Fauci’s Summit With DJ Jazzy Jeff And LL Cool J

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who NATIONAL FILE exposed for funding the bat Coronavirus project at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, tried to bolster his pop culture credentials with an extremely cringe SiriusXM forum with 1990’s retro rappers LL Cool J and DJ Jazzy Jeff (of “DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince” fame).

This Fauci song is awful

Cringe level off the charts

— Sandy C3E (@SandyMe99066678) April 25, 2021

This video is one of the worst travesties ever disseminated under the guise of “comedy” in the history of Western civilization.

The Pfizer CEO said you can be a #Pfizer girl again … year

— John Walsh (@itsJohnWalsh) April 15, 2021

This video is so unattractive it could make men sterile.

Consider this your vaccine PSA: #ImVaccinating

— Missy Modell (@MissyModell) April 2, 2021

So much bad comedy

MEET THE VACCINES aka The Plastics #MeanGirls #CovidVaccine #vaccine #Pfizer #Moderna #ReginaGeorge

— John Walsh (@itsJohnWalsh) May 17, 2021


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