Employees Sue Texas Hospital For Vaccine Mandate, Claiming They Are ‘Human Guinea Pigs’

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One hospital in Texas facing a lawsuit after it mandated employees take the coronavirus vaccine before returning to work this summer.

Jennifer Bridges, a nurse suing Houston Methodist Hospital, and Jared Woodfill, her attorney, joined Federalist Publisher and Fox News Contributor Ben Domenech on “Fox News Primetime” to outline the lawsuit filed last week.

“Nobody should be forced to put something into their body if they’re not comfortable with it, and then lose their job over it,” Bridges said, who is one of 117 employees suing the hospital.

Bridges noted that the vaccines available are only authorized by the FDA under emergency use. “That’s a huge decision,” she said.

Woodfill called the vaccine mandate illegal.

“We have a prior employer here at Houston Methodist Hospital that is saying if you want to continue to work here, if you want to enjoy your salary and all the benefits that you’ve accrued and acquired over the years, then you’re going to have to participate in a vaccine trial,” Woodfill said.

“They’re saying you’re going to have to have an experimental drug injected into your body, a drug that we don’t know what the long-term side effects will be or what they will look like,” he added.

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