EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania U.S. House Candidate Demands 2020 Audit, Joe Biden ‘Wasn’t Elected, He Was Installed’

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As an audit of the 2020 Election continues in Arizona, conservative leaders in other hotly contested states have begun to call for audits in their states as well.

One of the loudest voices calling for an audit in Pennsylvania is U.S. House candidate Teddy Daniels, from the area around Scranton, in Northeast Pennsylvania. Having narrowly lost his primary to a more establishment Republican in 2020, and has established himself as an influential and popular conservative in the state going into the 2022 election. He says he is “the furthest thing from an establishment Republican there is,” and is willing to fight people from both parties to get things done.

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National File spoke Teddy Daniels about his calls for an audit, why it’s still so necessary to have an audit, and more. Despite credible accusations of inconsistencies and widespread voter fraud, “Pennsylvania has not officially taken any steps to audit the vote,” explained Daniels.

“What really got me fired up was the State of the Union last week, and I was disgusted. I mean, what a joke! I look at Joe Biden and I think ‘this is the best we can do?’” He then expressed his lack of faith in the 2020 election “He wasn’t elected, he was installed. There is no way this guy is truly the President of the United States”.

He wants to start with an audit of the three counties with the most irregularities: Philadelphia County, Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh, and Luzerne County. All three counties have been rife with irregularities.

Luzerne County in particular is interesting, according to Daniels. Despite strongly supporting Trump, both the Director of Elections and  the County Manager appointed were very liberal. The County Manager then usurped the authority of the Board of Elections and sent out mail in ballots to every single person on the voter rolls. And Luzerne County was one of the first places in the country to report election fraud, when they threw out a number of ballots cast for Trump last September.

“With all the celebration the democrats are doing, they should be fine with an audit. Why are they scared? Why are they fighting it?” he retorted. With the amount of pushback from Democrats over calls for audits, it’s a valid question. Especially prescient is the fact that both Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State and Luzerne County’s Board of Elections both resigned after the election.

When asked why an audit is still necessary, despite the fact that it can no longer change the outcome, Daniels explained that “You see, the thief has left the building with the good. A crime has been committed. This can never be allowed to happen again. This is a stain on our country, and we must hold those accountable.” If evidence of election tampering is found in the three counties he named, Daniels says Pennsylvania should “audit the rest of the state, and hold those responsible accountable.”

Prior to entering politics, Daniels earned a scholarship to both Valley Forge Military Academy and University of West Virginia. After serving as a police officer, he joined the Army and served in Afghanistan. After getting injured in combat, he came home and became a businessman before entering politics, running for Congress and serving as the Chair of Veterans for Trump in the Northeast U.S.

“Career politicians have ruined this country, on both sides of the aisle,” Daniels proclaimed, contrasting himself as the common man who will fight for the American people in Washington. “Career politicians only ever want to keep their job” Daniels explained “so we the people must force them to audit the vote, or they will lose their job.”

Daniels is from Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, a populist-leaning district which has a very progressive Democratic representative, despite going for Trump twice. According to Daniels, the only reason that that seat isn’t held by a Republican is because the Republican Establishment promotes weak candidates. “Someone from DC or Virginia couldn’t come up here and win. They don’t have a connection with the people here like I do,” he explained. Daniels actually won his election day primary last year, before being defeated by mail-in votes.

He went on to praise State Senator Doug Mastriano, who has endorsed Daniels in his race. Mastriano is fighting for a repeal of no-excuse mail in ballots, to be on the ballot for Pennsylvania voters this November. “Doug was the only fighter for ballot integrity last November,” Daniels praised.

When asked why he is doing all this now, he responded “I’m doing this because I love this country. I spilled blood for this country. and I will not let it be changed like this. I have children, I don’t want them growing up in a socialist country.”

When asked about his plans for 2022, he said that he will running for Congress, and is Endorsed by Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacey Garrity, State Senator Doug Mastriano, and conservative activist Kimberly Klacik. Because Pennsylvania will lose a seat in the 2020 census, the 8th District will expand into more conservative areas, which will likely give him an edge. Additionally, he has one of the biggest followings on social media in Eastern Pennsylvania. When asked about what makes him different from other politicians, he said the following:

“I’m running on a straight America First platform. The working men and women of this country have been forgotten for far too long. The left is bending to extremists, and promote policies that actively hurt Americans. When I get elected, the Establishment GOP will hate me just as much as the left. And I don’t care who you are, I will call you out if they aren’t on the right side of history. We need to fight for a country that our kids can be proud of… we need to get rid of critical race theory. We need to secure our borders. We need to put Americans First, and we can’t do that with a weak, spineless RINO. I’m a fighter, always have been, and I’ll fight for the American people in Washington.”

He encourages those interested in an audit to contact Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor’s office, and support the activists at auditthevotepa.com


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