Gosar Endorses Florida Rep Sabatini for Congress, ‘A Proven Soldier in the War to Save America’

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Representative Paul Gosar has added another name to his recent 2022 endorsements, backing Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini for the state’s 7th District.

Gosar endorsed Sabatini, a well-known Trump-ally and strong proponent of America First policies, on Monday, saying he was “proud” to give his support to the current Florida State Representative. “We need more America First fighters in Congress,” Gosar said, adding that Sabatini is a “proven soldier in the war to save America.” In a follow up tweet, Sabatini thanked Gosar for his endorsement, describing him as one of the most “based” conservatives in Congress.

Republicans for National Renewal, the national-populist pressure group chaired by former House Rep Kerry Bentivolio, who have been pushing for more America First politicians on The Hill, celebrated Gosar’s endorsement of Sabatini in a tweet, saying that Sabatini is the man that “the establishment fears, and that we desperately need in Congress.”

Following the launch of his campaign in March, Sabatini stood firmly against the GOP establishment, noting an interview with Stew Peters that they’re doing nothing to “fight back against the radical left,” and they’re “either going to take it lying down, or actively encourage some of the thing’s that Biden is doing.” In order to do so, the RINO leadership in the GOP has to be “wiped out,” and replaced with “true MAGA America First conservatives,” Sabatini said. “As messed up as it is, it’s the vehicle that we have to use to basically create an America First agenda. It’s the only thing we really have,” he added.

Sabatini also recently introduced a bill to stop the Capitol Police from opening up offices in Florida, which was widely considered as a hyper-partisan move to intimidate supporters of America First policies. “The Capitol Police is run by Biden, Pelosi, Harris, and Schumer,” he said. “So it’s a totally partisan body, as corrupt as FBI, if not more so. They want to open up offices across the country, especially in Florida, to target and harass MAGA, Trump supporters, and America First patriots here.”

Gosar’s endorsement of Sabatini follows his endorsement of fellow America First supporter Teddy Daniels for Pennsylvania’s 8th District last week. Like Sabatini, Daniels would hopefully be set to join in the fight for the America First agenda in Congress, with Gosar noting that Daniels supports the border wall, a moratorium on immigration (for which Gosar sponsored a bill on last month), and putting American workers first.

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