Hemingway: Democrats Haven’t Gained So Much From A Crisis Since The Great Depression

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Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said Democrats are exploiting and prolonging the COVID-19 crisis for political gain and the largest federal expansion since the Great Depression.

“Joe Biden said there that it’s not political, but the fact is that this deadly virus has been the greatest political gift to the Democratic Party since the Great Depression,” Hemingway said. “And they are wanting it to continue so that they can exploit it for their political and partisan ends of greatly expanding the size and scope of the federal government, and having control over people’s lives.”

What some politicians don’t realize about this control, Hemingway said, is that people no longer care for it.

“What I think they don’t quite recognize, though, is that so many Americans are beyond done with this,” Hemingway noted. “They understand the science. They understand the reality that this is a deadly virus but that the reaction to it has to have, at some point, an end.”

Hemingway also said the Biden administration’s recent negative messaging surrounding COVID-19, including CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s comments about feeling a sense of “impending doom,” is also tiresome and not “based in science.”

“One thing I appreciated about what she said was that she admitted that this was just her feeling,” Hemingway said. “It wasn’t based in science and, of course, it couldn’t be because we have such reason for optimism, given that 91 million Americans have been vaccinated, and given the trends that we have seen in recent months.”

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