Hemingway: If Biden Is A Moderate Seeking Unity, Why Is He Ramming Through Leftist Extremism?

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Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway noted President Joe Biden continues to masquerade as a moderate while endorsing the unprecedented demise of the Senate filibuster to ram through an extremist agenda.

“I’m just struck by what a dramatic moving of the goalposts we have here,” Hemingway said. “We were told by the Biden campaign and propagandists who now comprise major media that Joe Biden was a moderate, that he wanted to unify the country. Well, half the country is Republican.”

Hemingway highlighted that the Biden White House has continually dashed bipartisanship in favor of a radical leftist agenda circumventing obstacles to Democratic governance in the process.

“There are plenty of Republicans in the Senate who would love to work with Democrats on an infrastructure bill, or an immigration bill, or anything,” Hemingway said. “The idea that Joe Biden needed to be elected because he was a big moderating influence who could unify the country but he can’t get his agenda through unless he rams it through violently over the will of half the country really is at odds with what we were told throughout the whole year.”

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