Here Are The FACTS On Cenk Uygur’s Working Relationship With Leftist Jan 6 Infiltrator Who Pretended To Be MAGA, Breached Capitol Property

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Cenk Uygur, the leftist host of The Young Turks, hosted a left-wing agitator on his show who infiltrated the January 6 election integrity protest in Washington, D.C. with another leftist, both dressed as President Donald Trump supporters. Cenk Uygur even employed one of the infiltrators as a Young Turks reporter after the January 6 protest. The infiltrator Walter Masterson, who was using a microphone to pose as a One America News reporter, and his companion Pete Scattini not only infiltrated the crowd, but Scattini admitted that they also went onto the scaffolding on Capitol grounds and stood on the Capitol steps. The female Freedom journalist known as “L” uncovered this shocking information, along with loads of photographic evidence. NATIONAL FILE has previously confirmed that feds were embedded in the 1/6 crowd alongside militia members. Here is Masterson’s undercover shtick on video footage that even has Cenk Uygur’s YTY Young Turks label on it and was posted by the Young Turks official channel. “WALTER MASTERSON REPORTED TO DC DURING JANUARY 2021 AT THE BEHEST OF THE YOUNG TURKS,” the journalist known as L stated, noting that she is in communication with a network of Truth journalists to expose Antifa-adjacent shenanigans.

Here is some footage from January 6 that Masterson posted himself: Live from the Trump Rally in Washington DC – YouTube

NATIONAL FILE’S JACK HADFIELD RECENTLY INTERVIEWED THE JOURNALIST KNOWN AS L AND REPORTED THE FOLLOWING: “Not only had Masterson and Scattini infiltrated the protests, successfully disguising their leftist politics, they were both seen well within the grounds of the Capitol, near the scaffolding on the West side of the building. Despite being visited by the FBI as a result, neither of them received charges. In fact, according to Scattini, Masterson even gave the FBI agents tips in order to infiltrate Trump rallies. L further noted that Masterson had a history of working with the leftist news organization, The Young Turks, appearing alongside Cenk Uygur in YouTube videos, and had reported for them from DC on January 21st this year, according to screenshots gathered from social media. Scattini clarified that he has no connection to the TYT, and further distanced himself from the activities of Masterson.”

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