Jihad Terror Spox Lamis Deek Rages, Incites to Jew Hatred As Violent Mob Takes to NYC Streets At Pro-Terror Demo

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 May 18, 2021. NYC

As the Muslim anti-Jewish, anti-Israel MOB took to the streets (filmed by Freedom News TV Lamis Deek (attorney) ranted against Israel. The Big LIE: they must defend against the Jews of Israel. And, as usual, ‘pali’ violence took to the streets of Manhattan  … to the droning of  TAKBIR TAKBIR (allahu akbar).

This was NOT a ”we want to live in peace’‘ with Israel chant – it is a WAR cry; a warning to the world (aka ummah):

“OUR god is greater than your god”

Having observed Deek for years, this is not a muslima preaching peaceful resolution from the sidelines. A self-described Human Rights Attorney, Activist, Strategist, Crisis Mgm, she easily manipulates a controlled chaos; always in-charge of the crowd  … and the agitprop.

 “We say again, ‘What happened in Palestine this month is irreversible. Palestinians will either rise up against the impending abductions and torture in 48, escalated military violence and torture in WB, genocide in Gaza, and see liberation Or face death.’ No choice now.” (Lamis Deek) 

In the Freedom News TV video, Lamis spews her lies. Transcription begins at (:08) in edited clip below [Thanks to Sara S for assisting with transcription)

(:08)“… it’s not sustainable to keep from being killed quietly; to be put on a counted diet quietly; to be ethnically cleansed as our children are kidnapped quietly. And now is the time when they said collectively, from the green line, from west bank and from Chazid (?). Please no more.

We need a meaningful system of protection by International Law. Colonized and occupied people are entitled to defend against war crimes and crimes against humanity. Everything I’ve described is illegal activity by the Israeli government.

And so they are saying, “We want to protect ourselves from this pattern, this holding pattern of Israeli violence and palestinian response. And the only way to do that is for us, number one, to print up a meaningful defense system and, number two, to call upon the world to dismantle Israeli nuclear weapons; to dismantle apartheid and to dismantle settler ethnic cleansing. (1:09)

We saw some of these people with American accents on the news. People who are from here, getting on planes and going to engage in armed home-invasions. This is a crime, it’s a felony under state and federal law.

Why is it that we are allowing U.S. citizens to engage in this on a level that arises to both war crimes and crimes against humanity. (1:31) We need to stop them here. We need to impose immediate embargo, any delay is a condemnation of genocide against palestinians.

The world is rising up.

The politicians have to respond and all of us have to do our part, including the media. When you talk about palestine, talk about how long we were quiet before Hamas filed (?) and fired a rocket. Talk about how many of our children were killed and tortured. (1:59)

My own cousin was murdered just weeks ago. 16 years old. Nobody talks about them until palestinians respond. The only way for palestinians to not fire rockets is to stop Israeli violence.

The world is clear, we cannot be hidden anymore. We are asking, there is no room for apartheid and racial supremacy in New York. We are all one but we must act like it and to call the world to action; engage in strikes; be honest and forthright. This is an historic moment.

If you are not standing up now for the liberation and for equality and for freedom and the safety of a people who have endured so much, you are on the wrong side of history. You will be recorded in history books and you have done a disservice to global morality. (2:43)” [end transcription]

FACT: The history books rewritten by the aggressors, go unchallenged by the media. An outrage. A criminal act, to erase history.

The following is a  you tube comment-response to the full 9 minute video of lies.

My friend posted the following and it’s THE POST I’ve wanted to post for days. She nails every point I wanted to make, and does it flawlessly. Sadly, she doesn’t want me to share with her name as she says the internet is a scary place to be these days if you’re a Jew or pro-Israel. She’s right. But the post is so spot-on, I have to share. Again, not my words. But my thoughts and feelings exactly.(Bah9)

** I’m not asking anyone to take my side, or the side of Israel, but I am asking you to think critically about the news you get from CNN and the BBC and Al-Jazeera or whatever station you watch.

If we were colonizers, we would be actively planning wars, and TAKING land, not giving it away for PEACE. (SINAI, Lebanon, Gaza strip…all relinquished, after being won fairly in a war which we did not start. And yet still given away, in the promise of PEACE which we have not gotten in return)

If we were committing genocide, then the population of Gaza and the West Bank would not have GROWN since 1967, but rather gotten smaller..no? (Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank 1967: less than 1 million. Arabs in those areas today: 5 million) That is not GENOCIDE! You cannot have 500% population growth in a genocide.

The definition of genocide is: ” The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group” Does it look like we’ve destroyed anyone or are aiming to?

Point-of-fact, we do not engage unless engaged with. And even then, our engagements are military, warnings in advance to clear the area and no civilian engagement whenever possible.

Which brings me to the next part: War Crimes.

Do you see in Israel rocket launchers on residential streets, missiles hidden under hospitals and schools (yes, even UNWRA schools got in on the deal)? Do you see 5 year old martyrs with hand grenades, and children trained with automatic weapons, and calls to behead all arabs wherever we can find them? No, you do not. That is what our army faces against daily. And our CIVILIAN population is faced with daily, hourly….the WAR CRIMES of HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority.

If we wanted to flatten all of Gaza and turn it into a parking lot, we have the weapon power to do it in 3 minutes. Why in the world do you think we haven’t? After 10,000’s of rockets and missiles have been fired indiscriminately at our cities and schools and homes, after Israelis have been killed and maimed and attacked… the reason is because we value HUMAN LIFE. Because we are trying to save the lives of the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

We introduced water and power infrastructure to their villages. Before Israel, they had none.

Next, the claims that Gaza is an open air prison, or a death camp etc. Ask yourself, how poor Gaza, that the BBC and NYT likes to claim is cut-off from the world, and has no access to supplies, can import or import the materials to make thousands of rockets and missiles and rocket launchers –but can’t import food, or medicine? Ask yourself where all of the cement and supplies to build schools and hospitals went…when instead there are hundreds of miles of cement and steel reinforced underground terror-tunnels built every year.

Finally, ask yourself how the leaders and government of poor Gaza have enough money to have a Billionaires Gaza Yacht Club with multi-million dollar yachts and facilities; luxurious 5 star hotels, shopping malls filled with Gucci and Chanel and Polo shirts — while their people literally starve and beg for help. And that is the main point.

Israel does not govern GAZA.
Israel is not in GAZA.
Israel does not control GAZA.
Gaza controls GAZA.

So whatever the War Crime is for shelling your own population (430 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel have actually fallen within Gaza hurting and killing their own people) for putting rockets and missiles under their homes, for stealing their food and international aid — you should know who to blame: the same Gazan leadership the “Free Palestine” movement funds and supports.

And now, think again critically about this situation. Do you honestly think that “Free-ing Palestine” and turning Israel over to these same folks that currently run GAZA or Ramallah so well is the solution to anything? Will they provide more food or medicine or opportunity or freedom to ANYONE?

“Free Palestine” hangs gay men from the tops of buildings and drags their bodies through the streets.

“Free Palestine” supports honor killings of young women who have been raped or abused or shamed.

“Free Palestine” calls for the elimination of all Jews.

“Free Palestine” is, in reality, nothing more than a thuggish, brutal, fascist military regime, dressed up like a woke, liberal western project with nice slogans and catchy protest tunes.

Like with most things, just follow the money and see what “Free Palestine” is really all about before lending your voice or your funds or support.

Again, you don’t have to wave an Israeli flag from your flagpole, but if you care about justice, real justice, and peace, freedom and security, think critically about the information you receive and then ask yourself what rings true.” [end statement]

Am Yisrael Chai!

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