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You hear the argument again and again, how Israel is an apartheid state. Let’s help educate and eradicate the biased reporting.

Number of Jews in Egypt: 10 (total population: 100 million)
– Jordan: 0 (10M)
– Saudi Arabia: 0 (34M)
– Lebanon: 100 (7M)
– Syria: 0 (17M)
– Iraq: 4 (39M)
– Iran: 8,300 (83M)
– Number of Jews in Gaza: 0 (2M)
– Under the Palestinian Authority control: 0 (2.7M) in Judea and Samaria.
– Number of Arabs in Israel: 1.9M (9M), with full civil rights and the media still labeling Israel as an Apartheid State?

All the media seems to care about is the damage in Gaza – let’s help share some facts about Israel, which is completely overlooked regarding the damage that was done over the past few weeks.


– In Ashkelon, 792 buildings and 267 vehicles were damaged.
– In Ashdod, 228 buildings and 130 cars were damaged.
– In Sderot, 228 buildings and 267 vehicles were damaged.
– In Tel Aviv, 77 buildings and 74 cars were damaged.
– In Ramat Gan, 254 claims were filed for damages,
– In Givataym – 157,
– In Petah Tikva – 231.
– In Lod and Ramla, 348 buildings and 229 vehicles were damaged.
– In Akko, claims were filed for damage to 16 buildings and 4 cars, in Haifa – 19 buildings and 26 cars, in Jerusalem – 4 buildings and 26 cars.

We are talking about damage as a result of rocket attacks and pogroms in mixed cities – please share the truths and put an end to the biased reporting.

From the Israel Defence Update list.

Thanks to Joan Swirsky

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