OUT OF CONTROL: NYC Violent Criminal Charged in Vicious Attack Against Asian Woman Has 17 PRIOR Arrests

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Awful. The policies of the anti-cop Marxist mayor of New York City has emboldened criminals. This is the result. Out of control crime in the Big Apple.

OUT OF CONTROL: NYC Suspect Charged in Vicious Attack Against Asian Woman Has 17 PRIOR Arrests

By Hannity.com, June 6, 2021

The homeless man charged with attacking an Asian woman in New York’s Chinatown reportedly has 17 prior arrests, including many in the last 12 months.

“A homeless man now charged with a hate crime for allegedly sucker punching an Asian woman outside a Chinatown restaurant Monday has 17 prior arrests, including several for assault, according to police,” reports ABC New York.

Homeless man charged in Chinatown sucker punch of Asian woman has 17 prior arrests https://t.co/1TZ0WVtk50 pic.twitter.com/vbVPGmAYVA

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) June 1, 2021

“The victim fell to the ground on her butt and rolled back, the back of her head hit the outdoor dining frame, and she passed out,” good Samaritan Jin Zhen said. “Her eyes just shut off and had no motion.”

“I dropped my food, if I have to get down with this guy, I have to,” he said. “He came up to me and looked at me, that’s when I showed him the camera, and I don’t know if that aggravated him. And I was getting ready to fight for myself if I have to. He just opened his arms and said, ‘She hit me. Someone hit me.’”

“I have not (seen the video) but I certainly am deeply concerned,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “We had a spate of horrible attacks against Asian Americans. They are unacceptable. We have encouraged everyone to come forward. We’ve got to stop Asian hate, that’s the bottom line. We have a very strong Asian Crime Task Force in the NYPD, which is doing really powerful work, including undercover work, which has captured several assailants.”

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