President Trump Speech Draws 1.8M to Newsmax, Beats Fox News in Key Rating

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There is a vicious dichotomy between reality and what the Democrat ministry of propaganda is beating us over the head with.

The 1.8 million viewers that Newsmax garnered does not include the hundreds of thousands of viewers of RSBN, OANN, The Sun, etc.

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Trump Speech Draws 1.8M to Newsmax, Beats Fox News in Key Rating

Former President Donald Trump’s speech to the North Carolina Republican Convention last Saturday drew more than 1.8 million viewers to Newsmax as the network beat Fox News in a key demo rating.

By: Newsmax, June 8, 2021:

Newsmax reported Trump’s 8 p.m. ET speech, his second major address since leaving the White House, drew a total audience reach of 1.1 million viewers across traditional cable platforms, according to Nielsen.

But Newsmax also drew a massive OTT audience as well, with the company reporting its streaming audience exceeded 700,000 total viewers during Trump’s speech.

Newsmax broadcasts free on all major OTT platforms, including Roku, Xumo, Pluto, YouTube, Apple TV, most smart TVs, and Facebook Live, as well as the company’s internal platforms like and through more than 7 million Newsmax App smartphone users.

Fox News did not air Trump’s speech, leaving Newsmax as the only major cable news channel to air the event live.

Key facts about Newsmax’s ratings:

Nielsen’s coverage rating during the speech shows Newsmax drew a .58 for total P2 audience, close to Fox News’ .77 for the same time period. (Fox News is available in 56% more television homes than Newsmax. The coverage rating shows audience penetration against total households available for a network.)

Nielsen reports Newsmax beat Fox in the coverage rating for the key 35-64 demo, taking a .56 to Fox News’ .46 during the speech.

Newsmax trounced other cable networks in the coverage rating, with its .77 more than triple CNN’s .24 and almost four times MSNBC’s .20 draw, Nielsen reported.

Newsmax is the only traditional cable news channel available free to the more than 40 million U.S. television homes no longer connected to cable/satellite or virtual paid television.

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