This Mom Won’t Let Teachers Union Bullies Stop Her From Questioning CRT In Her Kid’s School

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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” concerned mother Nicole Solas joins Staff Writer Jordan Davidson to discuss how she’s fighting back against her local school district and the nation’s largest teachers union, which are both determined to indoctrinate her kindergarten daughter with critical race theory and radical gender ideology.

“I was just a parent really looking for my school to tell me that ‘we’re doing critical race theory’ or ‘we’re not doing it’ or ‘OK, yes, we embed the values of gender theory and here’s all the reasons why we do it.’ I was almost inviting them to just back up your claims. If this is so good, why won’t you just take a hard position and tell me why it’s so good,” Solas said. “Instead, they evaded me, they ignored me, they bullied me, they harassed me. And I think they thought that by doing that I would go away and back down and feel like I’m defeated, but the opposite happened because I’m not going to put my daughter in a school district that is teaching her things that I find to be ludicrous, especially if the school won’t even explain why they’re doing it.”

Solas said it’s parents’ jobs, not the government, to raise their children. And schools should act accordingly.

“Every parent has the right to know what their child is learning in school,” Solas said. “And the [National Education Association] thinks that they can use union thuggery to be above the law. … They’re trying to interfere with my right as a parent.”

“These are not your kids,” Solas added.
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