U.S. Army Apache helicopter makes emergency landing in Romania

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A U.S. Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter had to make an emergency landing in a field near Pecineaga commune in Constanța, Romania on Tuesday.

According to local media, the Apache was forced to make an emergency landing during one of the phases of the annual large-scale U.S. Army-led, multinational, joint exercise.

“The helicopters safely landed and the incident is currently under investigation,” an Army spokesperson said in a statement to Defence Blog.


No one was injured during the incident, according to Army officials.

Apaches are primarily used to support Brigade Combat Teams across the full spectrum of warfare.

The AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is capable of destroying armor, personnel and materiel targets in obscured battlefield conditions. The Apache is a twin-engine, four-blade tandem-seat attack helicopter equipped with an M230 30-mm cannon, Hydra-70 2.75-inch rockets, and HELLFIRE missiles (both laser-guided and radio frequency).

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