Ukrainian military adopts new Leleka-100 unmanned aerial system

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces recently approved its new Leleka-100 unmanned aerial system for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

The approval of the new Leleka-100 unmanned aerial system was given by Armed Forces of Ukraine Order Number 114 on 11 May 2021, according to aviation specialist Yevhen Podtikhov.

Previously, the system was already in trial operation with the Ukrainian military and has acquitted itself well.


“Over the years of operation, the Leleka has earned itself the status of an ultimatum drone system – thousands of sorties, hundreds of targets found and destroyed with the help of aerial reconnaissance,” said Yevhen Podtikhov.

The Leleka-100, also known as Ciconia, is a small unmanned aircraft system designed and manufactured by Ukraine-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Production-Innovative Company Deviro.

As noted by the company, the main advantage of the system is advanced inertial navigation, which allows working in harsh conditions and in the absence of GPS. The system can be equipped with electro-optical and infrared payloads. It provides constant intelligence (both day and night), surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), even in most extreme conditions. The aircraft can be deployed from land and waterborne platforms for both civilian and military operations.

Leleka-100 has realized the conception of automatized control during all flight, which makes the job of operator much easier and allows focusing attention on the analysis of information that comes from the UAV.

The company also noted that its drone system has great wind resist parameters and can be used up to 20 m/s wind speed. Flight radius 55 km (total route distance 100km), endurance time 1,5 or 3,5 hours, on condition: air temperature -200? to +550?, wind speed to 12 m/s.

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