VIDEO: Sam Hyde Predicted Fatal Shooting By Female Cop Who Mistook Gun For Taser

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Amidst widespread race riots, looting and insurrection in Minneapolis and other cities across the country after the police shooting of a black man who resisted arrest this weekend, fans of comedian Sam Hyde were quick to point out that Hyde had predicted the exact scenario that led to the shooting death of Daunte Wright.

Minneapolis police announced Monday that Wright’s death was the result of an unnamed female police officer mistaking her Glock service pistol for a Taser and discharging the firearm at Wright. In bodycam footage of the incident, the officer can be heard shouting, “Holy shit, I shot him.”

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During a recent episode of his podcast, comedian Sam Hyde envisioned a scenario where a female police officer mistakes her gun for her Taser and kills a suspect.

“If you ever catch the eye of a female cop, hope you wore your bulletproof vest,” Hyde said. “Hope you got your vest on, man. I am praying for you, unironically.”

Hyde continued, “You ever catch the eye of a female cop, man I hope you wore your vest, and I am praying for you, because that gun on her waist, at some point, is going to accidentally go off, okay, She’s gonna draw it out, thinking it’s a Taser, she’s gonna have her finger on the trigger before she’s ready to fire.”

“The only recourse she has physically, is to shoot you,” Hyde said of the hypothetical female cop. “And I just hope that if you ever get pulled over by a woman, you’re wearing a fuckin’ bulletproof vest and a Kevlar helmet.”

Hyde went into greater detail during the podcast about the dangers of women going into law enforcement because mass media has conditioned them to believe they are physically equal to men.


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