VIDEO: ‘Trump Won’ Flag Unfurled At Yankee Stadium, Liberal Tries And Fails To Steal It While Hanging In Midair

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A pair of men unfurled a large flag emblazoned with the slogan “Trump Won Save America” at a Major League Baseball game at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, eliciting outrage from liberal fans. One fan tried unsuccessfully to steal or damage the banner, but failed entirely. The banner holders were eventually escorted out of the venue by stadium security.

A Twitter user named Dion Cini unfurled the flag during the game while wearing a body camera. Journalists complained on Twitter about the incident, and fans showered the banner holders with boos, but the stunt received positive attention from conservative voters. “Just like every flag drop; nobody was arrested, flag was not confiscated, handshakes from all involved and welcome back to Yankee Stadium anytime, even and including next home game,” Cini wrote.

One liberal fan attempted to steal the flag, but was unsuccessful. A man claiming to be the attempted thief posted to Twitter, “I tried to take it down but it wouldn’t rip” accompanied by an image of the fan struggling to rip the flag while dangling in mid-air, unsuccessfully using his entire body weight to try to rip the banner.

Footage of the incident quickly went viral on Twitter.

Major League Baseball has taken increasingly political left-wing stances in recent months, repeating Black Lives Matter talking points and moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia in protest of election integrity laws.

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