VIRGINIA: Trump Tells Glenn Youngkin to ‘Embrace the MAGA Movement’ or Risk Losing Governor’s Race

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During a radio interview, 45th President Donald J. Trump warned Virginia’s GOP nominee for Governor, Glenn Youngkin, to “embrace the MAGA movement” or risk losing his closely contested race against far-left former Governor, Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin has faced stiff criticism from the GOP’s America First, grassroots base, which accuses him of attempting to distance himself from the MAGA movement in an effort to woo left-leaning voters, despite receiving Trump’s election endorsement.

After expressing serious doubt over the reported results of Virginia’s 2020 election and blasting the state’s allowance of large scale mail-in voting under one-party Democrat rule, President Trump told radio host John Fredericks that he believes Youngkin can win, but only if he fully embraces the MAGA movement.

“The only guys that win are the guys that embrace the MAGA movement,” Trump said before mocking Republicans who have failed to do so. “They try and go down a railroad track you know, ‘hey, oh yeah, sure I love it [the MAGA agenda], love it, oh yeah I love Trump. Okay let’s go to the next subject.’ When they do that, they never win,” warned Trump, going on to partially credit Larry Elder’s defeat in California’s recent recall election with his campaign trail remarks that the 2020 election was legitimate. President Trump also asserted that the California recall vote was reportedly plagued with fraud.

While President Trump has thrown his endorsement behind Youngkin, America First conservatives have repeatedly blasted the gubernatorial nominee over his relative silence on core issues like abortion and the 2nd Amendment, as well as his endorsement of the removal of Richmond’s Lee Monument by Democrat Governor Ralph Northam. Youngkin has even blamed white supremacists for Virginia’s rising rates of crime and murder, despite several Democrat-sponsored criminal justice initiatives which have emboldened criminals and hamstrung police.

Listen to 45th President Trump’s full interview below:

National File reached out to the Youngkin campaign for comment, questioning whether or not the candidate backs President Trump and the MAGA agenda, receiving no actual answers in return. Instead, a campaign spokesman, Matthew Wolking, replied with a link to a campaign ad produced in March of this year in which Youngkin touted a thank you he received from President Trump for his assistance in securing a trade deal with Communist China, where Youngkin has deep business ties.

Additionally, Wolking included a pair of Terry McAuliffe campaign ads in which the radical Clinton affiliate attempted to tie Youngkin to President Trump, apparently relying on the talking points of far-left Democrats to prove that Youngkin is in line with his party’s base.

No answer was provided when the campaign spokesman was asked whether or not Glenn Youngkin believes the 2020 election to have been legitimate. A subsequent request for comment on the legitimacy of the 2020 election also went unanswered.

As previously reported by National File, Virginia’s reported 2020 election results have been highly controversial, and called into question by election integrity experts and activists around the nation. In one instance, more than 300,000 votes for Joe Biden were dropped into Fairfax County’s vote totals in the middle of the night. In another, Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger managed to retain her seat when a thumb drive full of 15,000 mostly Democrat votes was suddenly discovered, giving her the numbers she needed to overcome her challenger.

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